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Binkan Athlete


Based on the game by Marine (brand of Marigold)

Japan’s female athletic teams are under intense training preparing for major competitions. They have a doctor that follows their development and stress, and she discovers that stress levels are compromissing the full potential of many of the girls. So she decides to hire a massage guy that has a special hability to release stress from women. Then he works on many of the athletes with his special massage but at the end almost everytime the athletes give him a special reward thanking the stress release they just got.

  • Year:2009
  • Time:1ep. 30min.
  • Source:Manga
  • Genre:Big tits, Gigantic Breasts, Volleyball, Paizuri, Straight
  • Translate:Subtitles
  • Director:Raika Ken
  • Studio:T-Rex
Binkan Athlete
Binkan Athlete
Binkan Athlete
Binkan Athlete

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