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Kuroinu is back! Studio Majin together with director Nishikawa Takashi announced the adaptation of the second part of “Kuroinu II The Animation”, which will be filmed based on the game of the same name from the studio Liquid. Nishikawa Takashi is working with Majin studio for the first time and with A1C label for the second time.The “Cuntry” of the Negramstia Empire is a city of lust and debauchery located in the northwestern part of the kingdom of Serenus. In this city smelling of sex and debauchery, any desire is fulfilled…Only a hundred years after its founding, the Neramstia had reached its peak of prosperity. This empire is ruled by the unsurpassed Empress of Enchantment, Radmila. She spends her carefree days indulging in pleasure while her army in neighboring states stages a “manhunt”, enslaving country after country and wreaking havoc in its path. Many countries that have still kept their borders untouched by the barbarians, decide to unite in a huge alliance “Alliance of Saints”, which will make war against Neramtia. In a matter of days, the forces of the allied army crush the dissolute city of Kantri and besiege the hated citadel of Negramtia. The “Mercenary King” and Captain of the Black Dog Knights, Derek Rondo, volunteered to confront the Alliance forces. He personally follows the orders of the Empress Radmila and attacks the allied army from the rear. The captain has many ruined countries and a whole harem of first-class beauties of their different races. However, according to rumors, Derek is not only hunting for beautiful women and power, his main goal is to win over the Empress Radmila herself in order to gain full control over the territory of the entire world…

Year: 2021 Year.
Release date: 27.08.2021
Source: Vn Game
Genre: Big tits, Oral sex, Elf, Rape, Harem, Fantasy, Anal sex
Quality: WEB-720PX
language: RAW
English name: 黒獣(クロイヌ)2 THE ANIMATION<先着予約特典:A4クリアポスター付>
Original name: Kuroinu II The

Director: Nishikawa Takashi
Studio: Majin

Kuroinu 2 The Animation Episode 1
Kuroinu 2 The Animation Episode 1
Kuroinu 2 The Animation Episode 1
Kuroinu 2 The Animation Episode 1
Kuroinu 2 The Animation Episode 1
Kuroinu 2 The Animation Episode 1
Kuroinu 2 The Animation Episode 1

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